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You want to meet with people who are like-minded with you? Or maybe you're here for fun? Too much free time? Or maybe you are dragged with the thrill of research and science? We are firmly convinced that we can meet the challenges that raises issues and believe that every moment spend with us will be a happy memory.


One simple question..and your answer is?

EMSA Macedonia is a non governmental, non profitable students association. It’s an FMO of the EMSA Europe family and it has lots of projects organized with one goal - to improve the practical medical education and bring a conection between students. Our biggest project is the International Emergency Medicine Summer School (EMSS), held traditionally in Ohrid this year for the 9th time in a row, from 5th to 9th of July in Hotel Klimetica in Ohrid, a city in Republic of Macedonia, by the beautiful Ohridlake. The EMSS is a remarkable 5 days experience, one that every medical student needs. It’s a mix from learning practical skills and having fun!

Are you getting worried about the fun and parties?

You shouldn't because we have taken care of that too. Starting with the Gala Opening and Closing ceremony that are held in the Hotel, parties in the town's best night clubs, beach games, theme party, tour in Ohrid and many more fun activities. Sound's like fun? The positive experiences from the students in the previous years of the Emergency Medicine Summer School speak louder than any words written and the satisfied faces of the participants are our greatest achievement.

A mix of Urgent Medicine and new friendships that may last for a lifetime!

Before you continue reading about this Emergency Medicine Summer School you need to answer yourself a very important question - “Do you know how to save a life?” If a man collapses in front of you, as a medical student, a future doctor, what would you do? If someone is bleeding to death, do you know how to help him? This is the question that bothers every medical student no matter which year of college he is, because gaining theoretical knowledge on the lessons is something different than the practical skills we all need to have.

Are you in? Maybe your country is not on the list? What are you waiting for?

The prefix International is just in the right place because every year we have participants from many different countries like Germany, Poland, Turkey, Netherlands, Belgium, Romania and many others, meaning only one thing - friendships, lots of friendships and xchangingexpirience! All you need to do is fulfill the registration form on our website.

Ohrid Experience

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Ohrid’s history

Dates from 6000 years B.C. capturing the Neolithic period, but it`s true historical treasure inspires the Orthodox religion and the opening of the Ohrid Literature School resulting with building more than 365 churches. There is no wonder why it’s called “Slavic Jerusalem” and it’s under the protection of UNESCO. The old part of the town offers splendid feeling of enjoyment during a walk between the old white houses built in oriental style of the 18th, 19th and 20th century. And when you finish that walk, you will find yourself on the top of the Samoil’s Fortress, amusing the view of the lake and the whole town.

There are museums

Must be visited in order to get the main perception of the lifestyle in the old days, such as The Robev family house, The Uranja House, The HristoUzunovHouse,The Gallery of Ohrid Icons… After all, it’s not the history that this small is famous. The Ohrid Lake is definitely one of the oldest lakes in the world, approximately four million years, which makes it even older than the mankind.

This small town has so much to offer

From astonishing peaceful views, to sunny cheerful beaches. The local cuisine gives loads of fish specialties, prepared in a various ways. Even though is an old town, during the summer months there are loads of cultural manifestations with variety of styles, such as classical, rock, jazz, folklore, techno and house. There are so many restaurants and cafes in the centre and on the beach. If your adventurous spirit leads you, you can rent kayak or parachute over the bright blue sky watching the shining lake under your feet.

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